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A Shout Out

to the Goddard School Forest Hill families for supporting the annual ”SouperBowl” food raiser. The Goddard School in Forest Hill began this “foodraiser” several years ago and once again was a huge success. My Tucson was packed with food, diapers and other wonderful items to help our community throughout these difficult times and delivered On Friday. Once again the Pre-K students will be assembling CareBags this Spring for the Food Pantry. Stay tuned for information on how you can support this program. This will be the 3rd year that the Pre-K students will participate in this wonderful outreach program and they are so excited to help and always have some interesting perspectives. Unfortunately, we will need to place our annual Food Pantry Festival on hold this year that is usually held June, but hope to have a small fundraiser later this year. Sending our prayers to the Lord, we are hopeful. Check back for updates. Spring is close.

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