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Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Hi, my name is Debbie Rochowiak. The purpose of this blog is to bring awareness to the ever growing crisis of people in need. I must admit, I am new to this portion of social media, so, here goes. First, I want to share some history and how the idea came about. The Food Pantry is part of the Emmanuel Episcopal Church of Bel Air, MD and has been opened to homeless people or people who just need assistance at anytime for many years. There are two wonderful people who make sure that the pantry is always stocked and volunteer many hours to do so. My husband and I are part of a Contemporary Christian Band with a group of very talented people who have become like family over the years. We wanted our band, "TSB" to be part of a ministry and so I attended an Outreach group meeting that was beginning. While listening to the programs already in progress, the Food Pantry caught my interest. Upon hearing of the ever growing and constant need for this wonderful ministry, an idea formed. I shared this idea with the outreach group and it was supported enthusiasically. I then took the idea back to the members of the band and everyone was very excited about making this part of what we do. The idea was for TSB to support the Food Pantry by sponsoring a Spring Festival each year to help with keeping it stocked. You see, people don't just eat at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but all year long. What a better way to than to have a party and celebrate our community. For the past several years, we have sponsored the "Food Pantry Festival." Please check back for the details on this year's festival and more about this wonderful ministry. Stayed tuned for more exciting developments and news.

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