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Let me tell you about my little friend Ava

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

I am a Pre-K teacher at The Goddard School in Forest Hill, MD. For the past several years I have asked the parents to donate items to the Food Pantry in lieu of personal gifts. A couple of the parents had mentioned to me that the children asked "Why are we buying food for Ms. Debbie?" So, I took advantage of the "teachable moment" and explained as best I could on their level. It was the Thursday before Christmas and the weather was absolutely horrible, pouring down rain and cold. So I began explaining about the food pantry and how it provides food for people who have no home to go to and no food. I talked about how these people come to the food pantry where they are given food and other things that they might need. In light of the weather, I used that as an example to help them understand that there are many people, even children who were outside right now with no place to go. I also asked them to think about their homes, they are warm and have furniture and lots of things that others do not. This started a great conversation with lots off interesting questions about what else we could do to help. I told the children we would continue the conversation after the holidays. The next day, Friday, one of the parents said to me: "Ava has a surprise for you, Ms. Debbie, you really made an impression on her yesterday." Ava went to her cubby, walked over to me and handed me a bag of coins. "Here Ms. Debbie, this is for the people who don't have homes." Ava had emptied here piggy bank and brought it to me for the homeless people. If this does not fill your heart, I don't know what will.

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