• ddrochowiak59

Where does the time go?

Can you believe its been 3 weeks since the Festival and people are still talking. What a beautiful day we had, the weather was perfect, music and delicious smells filled the air. Everyone was having a great time. BUT, most of all, we collected 2 and 1/2 trucks full of non-perishable foods/other itmes and over $1,000.00 in monetary donations. The turn-out this year was our largest, some just dropping off or others able to stay and enjoy. It did not matter all was greatly appreciated. The Hoppin Hawks once again entertained all with their jump rope expertise. How do they do that? I thought I saw Emily and Janis jump roping? LOL! Also, everyone enjoyed listening to some wonderful music from our new friends at the St. Matthew's Lutheran Church in Churchville. We were so excited they were able to participate with us and look forward to having them back next year. Check out the awesome pics.


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